Tabreed has a 22-year legacy in the district cooling industry across the GCC. With a solid track record of success, Tabreed is a company recognized for providing award-winning, high quality, efficient and environmentally friendly district cooling solutions as well as delivering shareholder value. As a leading company in the sector, Tabreed developed a new brand positioning around “progress” to reflect changing business goals. Omnia was engaged to bring this new identity to life.


Omnia led the creative process to activate the brand both internally and externally across a 360-degree communications spectrum. The challenge was creating a plan that resonated across its core audiences – customers, governments, suppliers, employees, societies, and the financial community.



Our starting point was developing a powerful launch concept that symbolized the concept of progress while reflecting Tabreed’s strong heritage as a homegrown award-winning energy company.


Externally, our focus was bringing the concept to life in a way that was impactful, relatable, and bold. Internally we distilled the idea of progress across the different employee levels and geographic subsidiaries, through an ongoing programme of training and internal communications.  With mesmerizing visuals illuminating the brand on the Burj Khalifa, Omnia delivered a creative approach across all activations that has built Tabreed’s new profile across its audiences.



Our work with Tabreed has resulted in a significant enhancement of the brand, raising the brand profile and helping position the company for continued success and expansion.


The National Central Cooling Company, Tabreed, has a 22-year legacy in the district cooling industry. A growing facet of the ever important global energy agenda, 40% of the district cooling industry resides in the Middle East to which Tabreed is a leading contributor. This position in combination with an expansion into new geographical markets and growth on offer towards wider energy services demanded a need for shift in brand positioning.

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    With a purpose to drive progress for people, places and environments, our starting point for Tabreed was conceptualizing a powerful launch concept that symbolized the very essence of progress while reflecting its legacy and heritage as a homegrown energy company.

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