Riyadh Art

The Challange

Riyadh Art is an initiative created by The Royal Commission for Riyadh City that transforms the capital into a creative canvas and elevates its position as a global top ten city to match the ambition of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 goals. Omnia was engaged to develop the inaugural identity for Riyadh Art and create a compelling brand to support the goals of this ambitious new project.



Our first step was to develop a foundation of knowledge to understand the context of the project, the global public art sector and perceptions of the Saudi art scene and Riyadh city both locally and abroad. We then built a new identity around the concept of ‘Vibrance’. Vibrance is a shared quality between the art industry, the culture of Riyadh and a strategic pillar within the Kingdom’s transformation agenda, to build a society the spurs happiness for its people and invites the world in.


The delicate balance between the past and the present shapes the essence of this brand, and is captured in Omnia’s identity for Riyadh Art.



The Riyadh Art brand is a vibrant reflection of the city’s ambitions and emerging importance on the global art stage. Following the successful launch, Omnia was also engaged to develop Noor Riyadh light festival, which is a part of the Riyadh Art programme.


Riyadh Art is an initiative created by the government of Saudi Arabia (KSA) that will see 1000 multi-disciplinary artworks by international and local artists implemented across the city by 2023.The city and country will foray into the public art domain with Riyadh Art with the aim of becoming one of the top 100 global cities. Guided by Vision 2030, the goals of the festival are as much to brighten the lives of residents as it is to deliver on the mandate of global investment and tourism.Before developing the new identity, Omnia performed secondary research spanning the national transformation, global perceptions of the country and city, the global public art sector and the KSA government sector to gain a deep understanding of the nation (and city) sentiment, perception and the competitive landscape across both industries.

  • Strategy

    Research, Workshops, Brand identity and Expression/ Digital design/ Brand guidelines

  • Client

    Royal Commission for Riyadh City

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