Noor Riyadh


Noor Riyadh is an annual festival of light, art and innovation from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and forms part of the public art movement, Riyadh Art.  Noor Riyadh is a pioneering venture that aims to represent the emergence of high-calibre regional art in the global arena. The Royal Commission for Riyadh engaged Omnia to develop the inaugural Noor Riyadh brand, following its successful bid to develop the Riyadh Art brand.



Building on strategic insights from the brand development of Riyadh Art, Omnia led the creative process through multi-faceted research to define the Noor Riyadh identity. The challenge was finding a balance between new age, the radical brand that supports the artistic intention but preserves heritage, which is a core part of its DNA.


To reflect the artistic focus of Noor Riyadh, the Omnia team channeled their research towards understanding the global art arena, the concepts of different art forms, and how the public would interact with the festival across different touchpoints. Those findings led Omnia to think in terms of a bold but flexible brand that thrives across a 360-degree spectrum.



Noor Riyadh is a high-profile light festival within Riyadh Art that highlights the emergence of light art within the region. The new brand makes a bold statement and creates a foundation to promote and celebrate Noor Riyadh in the global art arena.


Omnia was reengaged to develop and launch an identity that resonated with the strategic direction of the masterbrand while showcasing the unique essence of annuale that positions itself in the global art arena.

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