Muzn Islamic Bank

Our Approach

  • Stakeholder interviews with key stakeholders
  • Consumer research including recorded focus groups Competitor research
  • Brand workshop
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand identity development and deployment
  • Website and connectivity to internal banking software systems via API’s Comprehensive brand guidelines
  • Design guidance/consultancy on interiors
  • Design guidance/consultancy on POS delivery within branches
  • Design guidance/consultancy on exterior brand including ATM Machines and ATM software brand



  • Officially the first Islamic window launched in Oman
  • A clearly articulated brand position and strategy for the Islamic banking window
  • Clear retail interior/exterior branch guidelines
  • A fresh and modern brand identity launched in Oman
  • A brand that gained 35% marketshare within 18 months

Omnia were engaged by the National Bank of Oman to consult, create, develop and launch a new islamic banking window for them in Oman. Our challenge was to fully understand sharia law in reference to sharia banking and ensure the brand, the strategy and collateral/advertising followed these principals. Omnia also had to write content for the sharia products allowing the Omani consumer to fully understand the various offerings. The brand name developed was Muzn.

  • Strategy

    Brand strategy / Brand architecture Naming / Brand identity and expression Brand guidelines

  • Client

    Muzn Islamic Bank