GITEX is one of the world’s most influential meeting places for the technology industry; bringing together thought-leaders, creators, innovators and makers to discuss, debate and challenge new ideology, showcase new products and identify future opportunities. The main challenge was to move the client’s current website from a SaaS provider onto a custom built website on WordPress that enabled them to have full control of its design and components. These components, such as the event and speaker agenda, to be designed in such a way that would allow website visitors to easily and accurately consume the information. Additionally, the overall design had to speak to technology leaders and partners to be innovative to match the GITEX brand name and its values.



With tight deadlines, we produced a forward thinking design library that enabled GITEX to build their own pages. The second step was re-imagining the component experience namely the event and speaker agenda, through research and discovery we were able to design and build a drawer-like component to maximise visibility of the content. Due to the complexity of the UX design, some of the components had to go through many iterations to achieve high engagement. The end result allowed to exceed the KPI’s set forth and a very satisfied customer.



GITEX required a brand new website that was innovative and forward-thinking. Having traditionally used a SaaS solution catered for events, it didn’t allow them to fully customise every inch of the website. With various personas in mind, Omnia produced different user journeys to address their individual needs. The website launched in English and Arabic, with plans to add other languages to truly achieve international status.

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