Our Approach

  • Stakeholder interviews with leadership team.
  • Brand workshop with leadership, operations and communications teams.
  • Development of brand platform. Design of new brand identity and deployment across core brand communications assets.


Supported by a new world-class brand identity, Bodyo moves from strength to strength, says Tariq Hussain, Bodyo’s CCO: “Omnia’s team worked tirelessly to define what makes Bodyo tick. While our products and services appear straight-forward, there’s a lot more to our business that takes diligence and intelligence to understand.


Bodyo is a UAE biotechnology start-up that creates state-of-the-art population health tools designed to capture personal health and lifestyle related data. In 2017, Bodyo was selected for Dubai Future Foundation’s ‘Future Accelerator’ programme which saw it paired with the Dubai Health Authority to help create solutions for problems facing society, such as diabetes and obesity. Thanks to its rapid success and mounting profile, Bodyo decided an uplift to its existing brand identity was required to better reflect its status and ambition. In 2018 Omnia worked with the company to complete a swift, but thorough project, to redefine the brand’s future identity and positioning. Over a six-week period, Omnia completed a process which included market environment analysis, internal stakeholder engagement, brand platform development and identity creation.

  • Strategy

    Brand strategy / Brand identity and expression / Creative communications

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