BinDawood Holding Website/IPO vehicle

Our Approach

The website was built on WordPress for speed of spin-up and quick edits. A UAT and IPO dark site were set-up to test all location-based documentation and subscription instructions.


As the website was a brand new URL and new build, our team had to work very hard on keywords and SEO optimisation including an SEO retainer and a back-linking strategy. This took the website from being non existent on Google search upon launch to first page search within 3 weeks.


BinDawood Holding comprises of BinDawood grocery retain chain and Danube grocery retail chain who trade throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The organisation were working on an IPO announcement for the Holding company, and the website was built to both explain who BinDawood Holding was and which organisations it owned. Once the awareness website was constructed, the IPO section was built in readiness for the IPO launch. This section contained disclaimer and residency decision panels (to direct investors to different IPO landing pages based on location), key dates, key documents, how to subscribe, syndicate banks and FAQ’s).

  • Strategy

    Content strategy , Web design & user experience , Front and back end development , Specialised UAT, IPO dark site

  • Client

    BinDawood Holding Website/IPO vehicle

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