AD MARITIME Digital platform

Our Approach

Our approach was to skip wireframes and go directly to creative options, which would be followed-up with an HTML delivery for speed. Our team worked closely with AD Ports Digital and Marketing teams to craft the content and connect to other government bodies for e-services and essential data.



All requested deadlines were met, and the client was very happy with the end result. The site delivers everything that was requested in an impactful and elegant manner.


The Abu Dhabi Maritime has been assigned the regulatory and strategic oversight to govern and manage the Emirate's waterways and maritime ecosystem to provide a world-leading maritime infrastructure for the people and businesses of Abu Dhabi. Omnia was commissions to speedily deliver an MVP website in English and Arabic to service all mariners in Abu Dhabi with up-to-date navigational warnings, weather warnings and all regulatory documentation/e-services required to travel Abu Dhabi waters.

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    AD MARITIME Digital platform

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