Abdul Latif Jameel

Our Approach

  • Website build in WordPress
  • Advanced editing tools for all languages
  • Contact sections integrated into CRM
  • Parallax features
  • Customisable interactive map feature
  • Access to all Abdul Latif Jameel portfolio of businesses
  • Comprehensive Media section
  • Community Jameel integration



  • Over 24,000 visits per day (9 million visits per year)
  • 33% of visits are international
  • Easily maintained and updated website
  • Multiple editing workflows

Abdul Latif Jameel launched their new brand being led by the approach of ‘opening doors’. Omnia scoped and produced their new corporate group website ensuring that each group organisation was easily accessible, and global investors had the opportunity to view and understand the vast business opportunities in Saudi Arabia. The website launched in English and Arabic and over 5 further months another 5 languages were launched (English, Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese, French, Spanish & Turkish) With these languages, this website truly became international.

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    ALJ Corporate

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ALJ Corporate Website

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