How to organise your media files using Sitecore Powershell

Have you ever struggled to organise your media files within Sitecore?

Sometimes you work on a project that contains big modules like “News and Media” and it contains many media files. Organising them is easy using Buckets, but what about the Media files?

Amro Mustafa, Sitecore Developer at Omnia, shares a script that will help you generate media folders like the ones here from 0-9 & a-z.

Sitecore Media folders

Dependencies: Sitecore Powershell

The Script:

The script below will help you generate Alpha Numeric Folders and move the files under those folders…. easy!

script for media files in Sitecore


If you are in need of any help with this, or further top tips, let us know your issue in the comments below and we will try and help you out with a quick and easy shortcut. Or read more about Sitecore on our blog pages.

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