Meet our Team

Meet Jamie Graham
Jamie joined the team in early 2021 with a vision to grow a new arm of the business, bringing further diversity to Omnia’s offering. During this time, Jamie, with the help of an extremely talented and ambitious team has managed to grow the consulting team across the UAE, India, Egypt, Philippines and Canada. With a great passion to further develop Omnia’s offering, Jamie looks forward to the future and how Omnia can help many of its clients understand the power of technology.

“It’s been a lot of fun! Nothing could have been achieved without the full support of the team and the amazing employees that we have supporting our various clients. Full Kudos goes to them for all of their hard work and making such a positive impact to all of our clients and projects ”.

We asked Jamie, what excites him about Omnia :

“The amount we have grown over the past 2 years is phenomenal. We have diversified our client services, moving into new spaces that were not previously propositions for Omnia. To see what we have become and where we can go is exciting. Extending our client base and expanding our skillsets, working on various POC’s into AI / ML based product offerings, pursuing new tech stacks and partnering with the likes of AWS”.

We asked Jamie, what his favorite part of his job is:

“I love the Interaction I have with our amazing team. I really get energized by the talent and team that we have within Omnia. It’s refreshing to see so many individuals that share the same passion for excellence, not only that, we have a great environment to work within’.

 I’m fortunate enough that my role takes me travelling around the world to our global offices. But for me the most important part, is embedding the Omnia DNA and culture within whatever office and whichever team members I am meeting. I think the OMNIA DNA is unique and is what makes Omnia such a great place to work.  

What’s the key to delivering successful outcomes for all your clients?

“I think for me it’s about understanding the pain points the clients have with other vendors and partners and trying to ensure we don’t fall into the same trap. We have to continue to improve on what we offer and how we offer it. As well as this, face time is increasingly important. We seem to have moved away from this due to remote working but seeing how clients react to us being present is incredible. Spending more time with them, understanding them and their business in further depth really helps us become subject matter experts within their niche. This is ultimately what we want to achieve within Omnia’s service proposition ”.

Jamie Graham, Director Consulting Services

And the real JAMIE, after his day job

Many of you think Jamie does not sleep, however he does occasionally get time to himself. When he’s not working, you are almost guaranteed to find him playing golf, regardless of the weather, in the height of summer or deepest winter.

“It’s no surprise that golf is the first thing on my list. We are spoilt for choice within the UAE with the amazing golf courses we have, it like no other place in the world. Sometimes, I have to remember it’s a social game as well though, I am quite competitive so don’t really like losing”.

If Jamie isn’t playing golf, as a keen lover of anything fast you’ll find him driving around in various sports cars or motorcycles, but don’t worry, he does drive safely.

Some of you may also be able to tell 🙂 – Jamie is a massive food lover. Spoilt with what Dubai has to offer, Jamie loves tasting new foods, absorbing new culture and experiencing new flavours.

We cannot talk about Jamie however without mentioning, he is an avid Newcastle United football fan. Jamie follows his team extremely closely and will no doubt spend his spare time travelling around Europe watching them play some of the best teams within the champions league.   

For anyone with a busy work schedule, it’s important to find balance, so we asked JAMIE how he achieves this:

“ Like many of my colleagues, I’m probably not the best person to talk about this topic without contradicting myself, however I think a simple answer would be, enjoy your weekends to the max and make time to switch off even for a few hours during the week. If you have something you enjoy doing, try and do it at least twice a week and use it as an escape.

One thing I do suggest would definitely be to limit the use of mobile phones in the evenings and spend time with friends and family. Mobiles seem to have increasingly taken over who we are and what we do. I find trying to switch them off helps you switch off”.

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