Brand Design


We create thoughtful and compelling brands that will transform your business.

We get under the skin of each and every business to understand the challenges which enables us to deliver:

  • Strategically led creative brand execution.
  • Partnerships with our clients to develop innovative ideas that will drive your business forward.
  • Carefully crafted, timeless brand experiences that will delight customers.

When we encounter any challenges, we apply creative thinking to develop solutions that deliver the best results for our clients.

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    Why Omnia is different

    Try thinking about your brand as a tool to let people know what you’re famous for and what they’ll get from you. It is your own unique story, that only you can tell.

    It’s the story that:

    • Makes you interesting
    • Shows you are relevant
    • Allows you to connect

    Through logical and pragmatic strategy that underpins your identity and communications, Omnia helps brands understand where they’re at and how to get to where they want to be.

    We help brands get their story straight and empower them with the tools they need to move confidently into the future.

    Why do we start with diagnostics and strategy?

    When strong branding is absent, creating an emotional connection with the end user is almost impossible.

    We deliver brand identity services that connect with consumers on a commercial and a human level, that we know will create impact.

    The best brands are the ones that are carefully structured, with all the dots lined up, to serve a common purpose.  These brands will set expectations and guide perceptions. That’s why we always start with getting the narrative right by identifying:

    • Positioning territory: A statement describing the general space we wish to target and own in the minds of our stakeholders; in other words, what we want the brand to be known for.
    • Purpose: Why do we exist? This is the single most important idea that our entire brand narrative is based on.
    • Values: The principal beliefs underpinning our brand purpose.

    Design & Experience

    Setting a clear vision and identifying what your business is doing to achieve it. This is your direction, and your brand will help you move forward.

    Identifying a unique brand positioning and creating the strategic tools that will help your brand stand out as the first choice for customers.

    Defining how the brand needs to appear in order to be relevant and compelling in the market space you wish to occupy. While simplicity is key, a brand that creatively reflects what it stands, for will engage and excite your customers in the way you want.

    Identifying how your brand can most effectively communicate in order to own and become synonymous with the market position you are looking to achieve. This is created strategically, verbally and visually to ensure your brand is as powerful as it can possibly be.

    Omnia's Branding Portfolio

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